• Martha Sue Yeary

    Founder & President B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf Pro, Inc.

    Martha Sue Yeary

    Martha Sue Yeary has been an LPGA Golf Professional since 1989. She has been tagged "The Most Dangerous Woman in Golf" because she is changing the way we play the game! As one of the first Golf Professionals to create an online golf school, Martha Sue created a way for people to learn to play golf that was simple, convenient & easy to use!

Martha Sue is committed to turning "I CAN'T into I CAN" with ALL of her students!

Your B.I.O.N.I.C Golf Pro is dedicated to inspiring "Golf-Confidence" through eliminating fear!

  • Martha Sue is an author, motivational speaker and LPGA Teaching Professional who created a System that teaches her students to transform their negative results into positive changes in their golf games and in their lives. Students become Empowered Golfers as they learn and apply "New Actions and develop Powerful New Results!"

  • While learning and implementing the Empowered Golfers' Formula & System, students learn they can use golf as a business networking event by eliminating their golf mistakes, reducing their scores, increasing positive golf visibility with clients and potential clients and erasing the fear of embarrassment they experienced in their past golf lives!

  • Martha Sue helps students create a golf game they will be proud to share with the world. As Empowered Golfers, they are enabled to tap into the 32.1 million golfers in the US alone! Someone is getting that business ... and she teaches her students how to claim their fair share with "Golf-Confidence!"